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Like each of us, I am a loving soul in a human experience.  Always on the path of evolving; praying my journey is full of Light and joyfully purposeful.  Sharing energy with others fuels my soul.  

I started working for my chiropractor at the age of 17. It was filled with endless education, from office management to marketing a small business; natural healing and holistic living.  I resonated with all of it so deeply, and it led me onto a lengthy and deep holistic journey.  In 1998, I became a massage therapist, certified in many different healing modalities, always running my own clientele, while finding my expertise in emotional energy healing and small business management.  It's been quite the everlasting journey of educating myself in energy and spiritual healing, personal development, and holistic therapies.  Throughout many of those earlier years, my massage profession fine tuned my energy work and my chiropractic and spa management/consulting, sharpened my entrepreneurial skills.  Emotional work is my go to.  I have also understood and learned that it is in the mental realm that entrepreneurs and small business owners will thrive from if they are emotionally balanced.  It's where I have personally fine-tuned my professional knowledge in healing and I have realized that it is the most effective in helping others gain success and wealth, along with a deeper meaning of life. 


​Intentional Healing Sessions
Each session is customized to the individual.  includes and is not limited to:

  • EFT Tapping

  • Removing energetic blockages

  • Intuitive  & Spiritual guidance

  • Energy Healing

  • Deepening into Self- Love & Self - Worth

  • Understanding spirituality to suit the individual

  • Creating balance of the heart and mind

  • Fulfilling the human experience

  • Power Manifesting & Self- Evolving

  • Learning to live in Balance. 

Individual  Healing Sessions. 

1:1 Session 45-60 mins $150 

Valued for life-long use

Group Healing Sessions.

Maximum of 6 clients per group session.

$100 per person (or depends on group topic)

This can be requested if you have a group or you can individually sign up for a group run by me. 



Level 2 EFT tapping Practitioner

Holographic Health Practitioner

Massage Therapist & Energy Bodyworker

Certified in the The Quickening Course of Self-Mastery

Ordained Universalist Minister

Business Management and Coaching (specific to chiropractic health and holistic services)



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